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All periodicals bound in V1, sewn together with wire staples in the spine and V2, perfect binding with hotmelt fusion glue or disperse PUR glue in a B4 size. We can do 242 x 360 mm in portrait orientation. The cover surface can be treated using printing lacquer, disperse lacquer, partial UV lacquer or laminated boards, or their combinations. The magazines can be produced completely in our own DTP studio.

Měkká vazba V1 s drátěnými skobkami (vazba-V1-s-dratenymi-skobkami-det.jpg)

Soft V1 binding with wire staples

Called notebook binding or roof binding. The individual stack parts are piled up together and into the cover. Together with the cover, they are sewn together in the spine using a wire - a staple made of a flat or rounded wire. The cover can be made of a thicker paper, or it can have the same grammage as the inner sheets. Products with this type of binding often involve magazines, periodicals, promotional brochures, notebooks and colouring books.

  Vazba V1 s očky (vazba-V1-s-ockem-det.jpg)

V1 binding with loops

A good alternative to the binding sewn with wire staples, where the notebook is to be hanged or put into an organizer.

Lepená měkká vazba V2 (lepena-mekka-vazba-V2-det.jpg)

Perfect soft V2 binding

The stack parts are piled up consecutively and glued in the spine in the book stack and cover. The cover is usually of 150–350 g with a treated surface. It is used for magazines, catalogues, textbooks and paperback books.

  Lepená měkká vazba V2 se záložkami (lepena-mekka-vazba-V2-se-zalozkami-det.jpg)

Perfect soft V2 binding with bookmarks

Based on customers requirements, it can be fitted with a front or back flap.

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