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Production using all types of bookbinding techniques; standard and non-standard sizes. The printing office is the main supplier for several publishing houses. Full-colour publications are completed from pre-printing preparation to shipment. What is mostly offered here is the V8 binding, i.e. a hardcover binding with sheets in the stack sewn with tread and glued together; it can also be sewn together with fusion tread or glued with cloth covers.

Vazba tuhá (vazba-tuha-det.jpg)

Hardcover binding

The bindings are made by our time-tested cooperators in the V8a. The book covers are covered in laminated paper. Alternatively, we can offer the V8b with covers covered in paper. Cloth covers arent an exception either.
  Vazba tuhá s papírovým přebalem (vazba-tuha-s-papirovym-prebalem-det.jpg)

Hardcover binding with paper dust jacket

The dust jacket serves as a protective cover of the book. It is usually recommended to use quality paper of higher grammage or another durable material. Besides protecting the book, it also plays an aesthetic role.
Atypické formáty (atypicke-formaty-det.jpg)

Non-standard sizes

Customers requirements are different based on the purpose of the publication. Therefore, enhancing the artistic vision by using a non-standard cover size is not an exception. The print quality is also of high importance, and customers can be part of the printing process and preview all the printing sheets.
  Velké rozsahy stran (velke-rozshy-stran-det.jpg)

High number of pages

Just like it is possible to change the size, our customers can also request printing of a high number of pages, e.g. around 1,000 pages or more. Proofreading is of great advantage as very often, we consult and "save" the documents before they are printed.

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