Printing office products

We produce business cards, leaflets, flyers, catalogues, magazines, brochures, forms, carbonless and common notepads, stickers, die-cuts, advertising banners, billboards and other printed matter. You can choose from the following options: V1 binding – notebook binding with two staples, V2 binding – perfect binding with hotmelt or PUR glues, V4 binding – soft binding, stacks bound together by sewing with thread or fusion thread, then glued into the cover. We often produce printed matter with Twin Wire spiral binding.

Printing of magazines, publications

Periodicals bound in V1, sewn together with wire staples and V2, perfect binding with disperse glue, hotmelt fusion glue or PUR in a B4 format.

Printing of publications, picture books

Production using all types of bookbinding techniques; standard and non-standard formats. The printing office is the main supplier for several publishing houses.

Printing of textbooks, school notebooks

Reproduction of models, typesetting, make up of pages according to graphic designs provided.

Printing of catalogues and annual reports

Double processing speed of B1 formats thanks to the ten-colour KBA machine, precise register of colours.

Printing and production of organizers, notepads, desk-wall calendars

We produce and print yearly, bi-monthly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly and daily calendars.

Printing of printed forms, instructions and manuals

Production of printed forms, manuals and carbonless forms in several languages.

Printing of boxes, production of printed boxes, die-cuts

Printing of boxes, production of printed boxes.

Printing of maps, non-periodic printed matter, stickers

One sided or two sided printing of maps, non-periodic printed matter, leaflets, postcards, posters and stickers.

Special products - production and printing

We offer special, tailor-made solutions for our customers. Non-standard processing of printed matter enhancing the product attractiveness.
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