The tradition of our company dates back to the nineteenth century, and just like in the past, we place great emphasis on close cooperation with the customer. We help in complex orders by always recommending an optimal solution. We are one of the permanent players in the Czech printing market. We provide comprehensive solutions from the moment an order is placed to its completion and transport to its place of destination. Thanks to our wide range of products and services, we are able to cover the demand of both Czech and foreign companies.

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Common types of printing paper
Glossy paper
- publications, catalogues, magazines, posters, maps, LWC (Light Weight Coated) - magazines, leaflets, Offset paper - letter paper and headed paper, forms, school notebooks and textbooks, colouring books, notepads, Recycled paper - brochures, manuals, paperback, Solid fibreboard and card board - concertina books, book covers, passe-partouts, Special paper - paper with good printability.
Benefits and difficulties of V1 binding
A type of sewn soft cover binding, where the sheets of paper are inserted into each other and stapled in the spine with wire staples. The number of pages has to be divisible by four; the smallest unit has to be a double sheet (four pages). It is necessary to establish the paper grammature and its thickness and to be able to calculate the shift.
Lightweight card board, die-cut, perforation
In finishing, printed matter die-cuts belong to popular finishing treatments. We often perform die-cuts of flap folders , i.e. different folders with lapels, die-cuts of labels, greeting cards, boxes etc. Die-cutting and folding of printed matter, perforation.
V8 binding
This type of binding is one of the hardcover bindings; a sewn binding with hard cover that can be coated with cloth (V8 binding), laminated paper (V8a binding), paper (V8b binding). The paper can also be printed, processed or special. The cover can also be coated with another material (V8c binding), such as leather, artificial leather, or quilted.

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